Hello World – Let’s Make Coleslaw!

My goodness, it’s been a while since I posted here. Since my last post, I have moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Upstate New York. While I miss the foodie culture and some of my favorite restaurants, I’ve been having tons of fun exploring the local area. I’m in a fairly rural area (outside of Utica, about 45 minutes east of Syracuse). The countryside is gorgeous, lots of corn fields and trees.

Being summertime, it’s super hot here at the moment. The biggest problem for me though is the humidity! As you might expect, it’s way more humid here than it was in California.

With all the heat, I’ve been making a lot of coleslaws lately. I like a slaw that is crisp and refreshing, with a bit of a tangy bite.


I wrote an article on Yahoo! with some tips on creating the perfect coleslaw that’s full of flavor without being too soggy or too sweet. Have a look at my tips, and give it a try with some of your favorite veggies!


What are your favorite slaws? Do you have any tips for making a perfect, crunchy slaw?


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