Gooey Deliciousness… Double Chocolate Caramel Chunk Cookies

Today I was craving something chocolatey and decadent. I had some caramels left over from a test batch for Tamsin’s Sweet Shop and wanted to do something with them, too (other than just eat them, which I’ve done a lot of…). So I thought, I’ll make some chocolate chunk cookies and add some caramel bits as well!

I found this delicious recipe for Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Inspired by Levain Bakery on this fun blog I just discovered, Love from the Oven (what a great name!).

I won’t reproduce the recipe here since I followed it pretty much exactly. Go check it out at the link above!

The only modifications I made were, I used half brown sugar and half white sugar (instead of just white sugar). I used part milk chocolate and part semi-sweet chocolate buttons from Guittard, which I chopped roughly. And of course, the caramel chunks. Since I was using the caramel, I only used 2 cups of chopped chocolate, and it was plenty. Oh, and I also used salted butter, since that was what I had on hand and I actually like a little extra hit of salt in my desserts.

My cookies were underdone at 16 minutes, so I baked them for the full 20 minutes, by which point I think they were a little bit over done because they are now a little crumbly and a lighter brown than in the original recipe’s pictures. I think 18 minutes would have been perfect. The caramel chunks melted nicely….

These will definitely become a staple. Chewy, gooey, chocolatey, decadent and just rich enough, and with just a hint of salty caramel, they hit the spot perfectly.

Make a batch of these right away… You won’t regret it! Make sure to eat one while it’s still nice and warm… maybe with a glass of milk….


3 thoughts on “Gooey Deliciousness… Double Chocolate Caramel Chunk Cookies

  1. They look very yummy! I am just drinking a mug of hot milk, to which I added plenty of cinnamon ~ very soothing. One of those cookies would go with it very well *~*

  2. Wow! These cookies look deadly delicious. Omnomnom. Have you tried America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for double/triple chocolate chip cookies? They’re also stellar–the kind of cookie that needs cold milk!

    • Thanks, Marie! Haha yes, deadly delicious is about right! I haven’t made the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, I’ll have to try that next time the craving hits… Might be a little while since I’ve been eating so many of these… Nom. 🙂

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